Fat Squirrels


Dear London Pigeon,

Have you noticed something strange happening to the squirrels? I keep seeing them everywhere – sitting on fence posts, hanging out by the side of roads, looking fat and bushy and quite pleased with themselves, a nut grasped between their paws. When I approach, they no longer scamper away, flinging themselves between branches like a high-octane circus act. Instead they just sit there, nibbling and gnawing, occasionally glancing up at me to say, ‘What are you looking at?’ 

I can’t work out if this lack of fear and scurry is because they’ve grown fat and dazed on acorns and have entered a state of gluttonous torpor; or if their little animal bodies have felt the chill creep of winter and all they can think about now is eating nuts, nuts, nuts, as many as they can, before the cold comes and this crunchy carpet of food is gone.

Love, Wood Warbler